The Fishmonger's Personnel File

SCP-228 Environment-Powered Android
SCP-299 Boolean Sidestepper (deceased)
SCP-303 Reel-to-reel Tapeworm
SCP-372 Gasoline-Powered Magical Items [UNAVAILABLE; existed only 2 - 3 days]
SCP-434 Picotech Engine
SCP-436 Universe-Hopping Restroom
SCP-496 Datura
SCP-513 Stem Cell Organism
SCP-673 Mystery Utility Bill
SCP-727 Document Daath-Omega (rendered irrelevant)
SCP-808 Technopath (returned to her home dimension)
SCP-908 The Rendic Climps


The Mathematica series, or Seven Years in a Better World — Everything has a rational explanation.

The Chessboard Trilogy

Series 1: Castling - How Kilroy became The Fishmonger. A collaborative project.

Series 2: Wanderlust - A tale of Cain and Alice.

Series 3: The End of Everything (unfinished)

Unconnected stories

To The Best Of My Ability, Preserve, Protect and Defend - A debriefing of the new American president.
Bluff, or How To Deal With Precocious Newbies
As Long As We Both Shall Live - Birthday story for Gears
Destiny of the Gods - SCPocalypse submission one
The Dreamtime - SCPocalypse submission two


Groups Of Interest Entry: Foo
Personal Journal of Dr. Aloisius Bishop
Document 217-GG-2008 - Union
Experiment Log 217-Phi-Sigma
Lattice [UNAVAILABLE — Possibly never written]

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