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There is little information known about this character. Name, intent, full appearance, race, and even gender are unknown, being referred to by "his" nickname only to simplify things. The few constants, is the heavy black garb that "he" is always wearing, "his" extensive knowledge of the SCPs, and the large male Doberman that is constantly in "his" presence. The dog shows considerable intelligence for an animal, and has been seen to carry out complex actions.

"He" has been sighted all across the world in places with high SCP activity, and has been seen to have several in "his" possession, although none could be positively identified.

"He" has alternately helped and hindered the Foundation at various times, giving no concrete answer as to why.

There are several theories as to who "he" is, up to and including that it is:

  • many people masquerading a single person.
  • an Agent from the future keeping the timeline in check.
  • an extraterrestrial being with an interest in keeping the status quo of the planet.

All of these theories have proven to be inconclusive, and the identity of "Foo" remains a mystery.

The connection between "Foo" and SCP-215, if any, is unknown.

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