In Time of Need

"They're gone, sirs."


"Yes, sirs. Gone. The SCP items listed on your screens simply do not exist anymore."

"How is that possible, Dr. Bright?"

"The information that was passed on to me via my future self — the one encountered by Agents Break and Strelnikov during the rescue operation of Dr. Iceberg — indicates that this phenomenon is linked in some way to the time hole those two Agents encountered. By the time period of my future counterpart, over 800 SCP items had been removed from the timeline, including SCPs we currently believe to be immune to such temporal anomalies; for example, SCP-782, which as you'll see on my report has gone missing only recently."

"This is a most disturbing turn of events."

"I concur wholeheartedly, sirs, which is why I have requested implementation of the protocols listed."

"Dr. Bright, the report furnished by Agents Break and Strelnikov indicate that these proposed Qlipoth Protocols did not serve their purpose in the timeline they encountered."

"I am aware of that, sirs. I am also aware that my future counterpart had a backup plan involving alternate versions of the protocols. These modified protocols are the ones I am submitting to you now."

"Even so, these additions are most disturbing."

"I allow that they follow a rather unorthodox strategy."

"'Unorthodox' hardly begins to describe it. Weaponizing SCP-682? Uploading SCP-079 to future technologies? These aren't merely last resort measures; they're patently undesirable."

"Sirs, may be candid? Something big is coming. Very big. Bigger than anything the Foundation has ever dealt with. We're not just talking about a mere CK-Class reconfiguration or an FK-Class self-sustaining paradox. This is a threat to the very fabric of our realities, and all possibly realities. If we cannot secure this threat, if we do nothing but wait for it to overtake us and make of us what it will, then what good are we as an organization? What purpose does this Foundations serve, except as a self-glorifying circle jerk?"

"That's quite enough, Bright."

"I mean no disrespect. This is a serious threat, sirs — so serious that it has already begun to affect local reality on a perceivable level. We must be prepared for the worst, and the salient method of preparation in that regard is to initiate these protocols in expectation of a new K-Class emergency."

"Very well, Dr. Bright. The O5 Council will confer on this proposal. You will have your answer in sixteen hours."

"Thank you, sirs."


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