Close-up of refitted SCP-228, viewed through e/m diffusion glass of containment pod. Drs. Bright and Rights are visible in the reflection.

Item #: SCP-228

Object Class: Euclid Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-228 is to be kept in Weapons Holding at Site-██, under the direction of Drs. Rights and Bright. All continued research into the reverse-engineering of SCP-228 (aka Project Gevurah) is to be carried out by the team assigned to Drs. Rights and Bright.

Due to its recent refit, the former inverse-Faraday containment protocols previously used at Reliquary Research and Containment Site-76 are no longer necessary.

Description: SCP-228 was first encountered following reports from ████, ██████████. Local authorities described a woman of impossible strength who was seemingly immune to conventional firearms and melee weaponry, who had been rampaging through the town killing every human in its sight. Agents ████ and █████ devised the inverse-Faraday effect that originally neutralized SCP-228. Extensive testing has confirmed the hypothesis that SCP-228 had fallen through the same "time leak" as ███████, possibly from as far in the future as ████.

SCP-228 appears to be a techno-mechanical android of a design far superior to techniques presently available; it resembles an adult human female almost perfectly. Although much of SCP-228's schematic structure is not readily understood, and only a portion of it has been successfully reverse-engineered, one particularly evident aspect of its design bears noting: the android appears to have no internal power source, instead siphoning electromagnetic energy from its environment. This energy siphon seems to be fairly analogous to a solar cell, but is able to utilize the full spectrum of electromagnetic waves, from Extremely Low Frequency Radio up to X-Rays and Gamma Rays. Furthermore, the sheer amount of electromagnetic energy present in an area is directly proportional to its abilities; in a heavily urbanized area, for example, SCP-228 is capable of vastly superhuman physical strength, incredible speed, and near-singularity computational processing.

Addendum 228-C: In light of Incident 228-A, object has been upgraded to Keter class.

Addendum 228-E: Following the events of the Theli Crisis and subsequent repair and refit, object has been downgraded to Safe status. See Interview 228-Gevurah for further details.

Document 228-F-77:

Excellent work, ████. Rights and Bright did a phenomenal job on Gevurah. The new ops package is a bit rudimentary, to be sure, but it's a good start. As for Rights giving it a name and regressing to her usual motherly tendencies… well, let's just keep a close eye on that, if you catch my drift.

Accolades aside, you should know that I've read the Kondraki Report. I'm a little disturbed by the notion that this thing is some kind of robotized alternate future version of SCP-808. Does it / did it have 808's abilities, memories, personality? Is it still connected to 808? Perhaps we classed this thing Safe too soon. There are still quite a lot of unanswered questions — particularly where this damned Fishmonger is concerned. He seems to have some kind of connection to all of this, but there are no official or unofficial records.

Let's not get too complacent, ████. This thing may be a boon, but it may also be a tragic mistake.

— Regulator ██████

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