Item #: SCP-299

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Methods for containing SCP-299 are problematic at best, due to the Boolean nature of its abilities. Previous attempts to contain SCP-299 at Dimensional Research Site-72 have met with mixed results. The initial plan to bind SCP-299 in three spatial dimensions using SCP-███ was unarguably a brilliant notion, but the resultant disaster and the multiple near-breaches of other SCPs at that site illustrated that the best idea is not always the right idea. On the other hand, SCP-299's apparent fascination with SCP-629 provided us the opportunity to study it in close proximity for an extended period, as it remained at the site for several weeks of its own volition.

Therefore, until proper corporeal measures can be devised for the non-volatile containment of SCP-299, it would seem that the best course of action would be to simply draw its attention to something interesting and convince it into staying in that location for as long as possible. At present, SCP-299 is residing at Site-17, where it has struck up a rather long and involved diatribe with SCP-992.

Description: SCP-299 appears to be a Caucasian human of indeterminate age and sex which has undergone massive hyperdimensional mutation. Sections of the tegument of SCP-299 seem to exist in a state of spatial flux, often appearing at ever-changing right angles to the surface. Whether this is the side effect of a naturally occurring ability or a technique that was imposed upon the subject is not known.

SCP-299 has the ability to move through the fourth spatial dimension as easily as a baseline human would move through the previous three. It can step, jump, lean and reach outside of perceivable space, reappearing in part or whole in an entirely different place. This is not a form of teleportation; observations have lead our scientists to conclude that this is either a genetic or learned natural ability. In other words, SCP-299 can perceive space in four dimensions just as easily as we perceive three, and can navigate through it as easily as walking.

Since SCP-299 can simply walk "around" walls and other restraints by moving outside of three-dimensional space, it is nearly impossible to contain it by conventional means. Armaments, additionally, have little effect; while SCP-299 shows no signs of being immune to gunfire or bladed and blunt weapons, its ability to simply move the part of its body that is about to be struck outside of space renders standard targeting inadequate.

Certain kinds of energy discharge do seem to have some effect on SCP-299. For example, a large magnetic pulse combined with a █████-type burst from a 90 degree angle has proven able to disorient SCP-299. However, when this technique was first used against SCP-299, it stumbled through four-space randomly, phasing its body parts into sensitive machinery or the vital organs of personnel. Greater precision must be achieved before using this technique on SCP-299 again.

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