SCP-434 in mid-rearrangement.

Item #: SCP-434

Object Class: Euclid (possible Keter; under review)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-434 is to be kept in a heavily shielded room capable of filtering out extreme amounts of delta radiation — this is not to counteract SCP-434 itself, but rather to counteract the containment procedures required for SCP-434. A constant bombardment of delta radiation is the only known source of energy that will force SCP-434 into a dormant state even in the presence of other types of radiation. As such, an area directly contiguous with SCP-059 should be established for the containment of SCP-434, as SCP-059 is presently the only known source of such radiation. A system of energy transfer conduits similar to those found in modern fission reactors must be in place to allow delta radiation to travel from SCP-059 to SCP-434.

Research into SCP-434 is restricted at this time to Level-4 personnel only, with quadruple-signed O5-level authorization.

Description: SCP-434 appears to be a sort of picotechnological engine, the construction and control of which far exceeds the abilities of the human race in general and the SCP Foundation specifically. In the same sense that nanotechnology utilizes engineering principles on individual molecules to construct molecular devices, picotechnology carries this idea to the subatomic level, engineering quarks, leptons, gauge bosons and the like into base material forms.

SCP-434 appears to be a device created using this technology. Its "physical" form, if indeed it can be said to have one, can rearrange itself in response to various energy signatures, and has been observed as several dozen types of known matter (including dark matter and anti-matter), as well as several forms presently unseen anywhere in the known universe.

SCP-434 was found deep within a previously unknown antechamber in the labyrinths below Chartres Cathedral near Paris, France. At that time, it was discovered by a number of American college student tourists who had wandered too deep into the catacombs and were trying to find their way out. According to an interview with Ms. ██████ ████, the only surviving member of the group, SCP-434 appeared to the students as a grey, featureless cylindrical object, hovering approximately two feet above the surface of the floor, and pulsing slightly in a polyrhythmic fashion.

Ms. ██████ ████'s boyfriend, Mr. ████ ██ █████, attempted to use his cellphone to report the object, regardless of having tried several times before to call for help while in the catacombs with no success. SCP-434 seemed to react to the microwave energy of the cellphone call, turning a bright violet color and extending a number of needle-thin spikes outwards for seven hundred meters, fatally impaling all of the students save for Ms. ██████ ████ as well as impacting the stone walls of the catacombs.

Ms. ██████ ████ ran from the area in a panic, eventually finding her way out of the labyrinth on her own. She contacted the authorities immediately, and our Agents in the European theater were appraised shortly after.

Removal of SCP-434 from the catacombs proved problematic. The item was extremely sensitive to any and all forms of radiation, and would metamorphose into a variety of unstoppable lethal objects at the slightest electromagnetic provocation. Most researchers that have since been involved with SCP-434 do not believe that this is the purpose of the object, but merely a grossly unfortunate side effect.

After an extensive and disastrous trial-and-error series, it was discovered that higher frequency radiation has a much greater chance of coaxing SCP-434 into a relatively safe form. Copious quantities of Potassium-40 and Thorium-232 were obtained to bombard the item with gamma radiation, which for the most part rendered it safe to transport (see Incident Report 434-███-█ for casualties and cause of containment breaches during relocation).

Dr. Tong was responsible for the proposal of the present containment procedures, which have thus far proven adequate. However, careful research is required to better understand the operation of SCP-434, so that more nuanced containment procedures may be devised in the future.

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