Item #: SCP-436

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The building containing SCP-436, now designated Dimensional Site-24, is to be staffed by no fewer than ten Agents on a regular shift rotation. Agents are to pose as normal members of the community, and will follow standard procedures for the operation of a convenience store. Agents are never to discuss SCP-436 or any other Foundation subjects with customers.

The door to SCP-436 is to remain open at all times except during approved research assignments. Testing of SCP-436 must be done by a minimum of two Level-3 doctors while no fewer than three on-site Agents are present. Additionally, testing must happen during the normal third shift rotation of the store; customers are to be told that the facilities are closed for "floor waxing" and will reopen in the morning.

SCP-436 is never to be used as a lavatory under any circumstances. Agents are to use the public customer restroom to relieve themselves of waste material.

Description: SCP-436 is the employee restroom of a Sheetz mini-mart in █████████, Pennsylvania. The facilities, upon opening the door, appear to be those of a normal lavatory, with standard toilet, sink, mirror and various toiletries for sanitary purposes. These fixtures function as expected, and so long as the door remains open, the restroom may be used as normal.

If the door is closed with a subject inside the restroom, however, the anomalous nature of SCP-436 is observed. SCP-436 appears to exist across multiple possible universes, and closing the door seems to randomly switch universes on whomever is inside the restroom. Thus far, seventeen test subjects have entered the lavatory and closed the door; all have never been seen or heard from again. Likewise, signals from automated equipment, such as drone units or wireless cameras carried by test subjects, are no longer received at the moment the door is closed.

More interestingly, subjects from other possible realities occasionally appear from the restroom whenever the door is left closed (presumably after entering the version of it in their universe and closing the door), after which they are deposited here. So far ten extra-reality subjects have been identified by the SCP Foundation, nine of which have been retained:

SCP-436-A: Caucasian female, approximately 20-24 years old, 168 cm, 54 kg, brown hair, purple eyes. Subject was dressed in casual clothing covered by a blue and yellow smock, which was pinned with a rectangular name tag in unfamiliar symbols. Subject also carried an apparent fashion magazine written in similar symbols. Subject was initially unable to communicate, speaking a language never before heard on planet Earth. After substantial cryptographic analysis of both the written and spoken forms, the language appears to be constructed in such a way that the functions of syntax and grammar are reversed.

SCP-436-B: A hive of approximately 6500 ant-like creatures, each approximately 1.25 cm long with nine legs and no apparent head, colored black with small luminescent grey spots. After exposure to light and then darkness, the ants' glowing spotted bodies, combined with a complex dance never before seen in any species of earth insect, create the exact stochastic pattern of analog television static.

SCP-436-C: Caucasian male, 32 years old, 178 cm, 90 kg, brown hair, blue eyes. Subject was dressed in casual clothing and a standard Sheetz work smock with a rectangular name tag reading "Frank," which subject confirmed was its name. Subject appears to believe it is in its universe of origin, and has significant knowledge of local events and persons, and generally correct knowledge about the planet at large. However, there is no record of this "Frank" having ever existed in our timeline.

SCP-436-D: Asian male, 42 years old, 173 cm, 70 kg, black hair, green eyes (four). Subject was dressed in casual clothing and a red and white smock for a chain of stores named "85-Stick". Subject appears to be a pair of Siamese twins, with each of its two heads exhibiting a unique personality. Subject speaks a variant of Mandarin, and was deeply distressed to be around humans with only one head, claiming that two was the norm where it came from, and in rare cases three.

SCP-436-E: African male, 37 years old, 183 cm, 105 kg, black hair, brown eyes. Subject dressed in a uniform similar to American police officers, but subject's identification states it lives in "the People's Union of Lincolnia". Subject speaks a variant of standard American English, and interviews reveal that it originated in a timeline where the American Civil War did not occur due to the South being permitted to secede and become a sovereign country.

SCP-436-F: Mutated humanoid male, age indeterminable, 249 cm, 203 kg, hairless, no eyes, green skin. Subject was naked upon arrival, and appears sub-literate, unable to articulate more than simple grunts. A standard genetic examination implies that massive radiation bombardment effected this specimen's progenitors, but the base DNA sequence is the same as baseline homo sapiens.

SCP-436-G: Gastropoid hermaphrodite, age indeterminable, 213 cm, 145 kg, hairless, three eyestalks with black eyespots, brown skin. Subject appears to be from a sapient species of snail-like creatures, and was dressed in an orange and purple work smock, with a triangular nametag showing unfamiliar symbols. Cryptographic analysis of the subject's spoken and written language shows structural similarities to the language used by SCP-436-A, albeit with a completely different pictographic scheme and an elaborate network of implied proxemic clauses. As a test, SCP-436-A was introduced to SCP-436-G; surprisingly, the two specimens appeared to understand each other perfectly while speaking completely separate dialects, and even displayed an affinity for one another.

SCP-436-H: Humanoid, sex indeterminable, age indeterminable, 180 cm, 39 kg, hairless, black eyes, mottled tan skin. Subject's cranium is notably elongated, and its mouth contains four rows of razor-sharp teeth. Subject was naked upon arrival, and speaks an abstract variant of the Goidelic language tree, most closely related to Manx Gaelic. Subject claims to be one of the "Winterborn" and that it "lives among the flint and diamond in the Aspenwood"; much of the subject's answers during interrogation were of similarly recondite nature.

SCP-436-I: Humanoid machine, male appearance, 178 cm, 231 kg. Subject appears to be an android construct manufactured by Esac Sextet, model Abra Senata 880; this information was taken from an engraved plate located near the base of its spinal column. The machine appears to be fairly consistent in regards to modern-day manufacturing practices and technological level, and could easily be mass-produced in our own reality using available modern techniques. Subject is non-sentient, limited to the same general abilities of modern-day computers and industrial robotics; its conversational abilities are limited to a small subset of customer service functions. Subject was dressed in casual clothing and a blue and grey work smock made from a material similar to Gore-Tex, and embroidered with the logo for "Rister Calm Markets".

SCP-436-J: African male, approximately 25-30 years old, approximately 180 cm, approximately 90 kg, black hair, brown eyes. Subject was dressed in casual clothing; no work attire of any kind was noted. Accurate measurements were not able to be taken of this subject, due to the fact that upon arrival, subject looked around briefly before stating "not again," then immediately returned to the restroom and closed the door.

Addendum 436-AA: I'm only going to say this once: Yes, I know that drunken sorority girls at two in the morning can be rage-inducing. No, you may not send them into an alternate universe to shut them up. Yes, the previous Agents working the third shift position are now on Keter duty. — Dr. ████ ██████

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