Item #: SCP-513

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-513 is to be contained in a 3m by 3m room, with walls made of any non-organic substance of no less than 15 cm thickness. A dome camera is to be installed in the ceiling of this room, with 24-hour remote surveillance by no less that two Level-2 personnel at any given time.

Every six hours, one Class-D subject is to enter the room in full hazmat gear to deliver food to SCP-513, consisting of a 2 liter container of high-carbohydrate paste of plant fibers and mammalian milk. If the subject breaches suit containment or is otherwise incapacitated by SCP-513, lockdown procedures should be effected until subject has been digested by SCP-513.

Description: SCP-513 is a large organism, roughly the size of a human child, which appears to consist entirely of stem cells. No central nervous system, respiratory system, skeletal system, or other of the usual developed components of an organism appear to be present; in fact, SCP-513 appears to be able to control its cells to a degree that it can form any of these systems as needed. It generally takes the form of a vaguely gelatinous humanoid, unless compelled to take a more cogent form.

SCP-513 is a rather decent mimic when around human beings, able to shape itself into humanoid form to a convincing degree and unable to be detected unless it breaks itself down into stem cells again. Extreme caution is warranted when exposing SCP-513 to other humans; if a situation occurs in which SCP-513 mimics a person and cannot be detected, then lockdown procedures are to be effected until SCP-513 eventually becomes hungry enough to break down its shape into its usual gelatinous form.

Unlike most organisms, SCP-513 consumes food on a cellular level, absorbing matter into its form directly without the benefit of chewing or digestion. SCP-513 is not authorized to interact with any organic matter other than its prescribed food, as there is reason to believe that it can increase its mass if enough matter is consumed in a short enough period of time.

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