Item #: SCP-908

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: One physical copy of SCP-908 is to be snerged on a sheet of fire-resistant glossferk, which should be pelped in a properly-labeled grannic feldsturp, then locked away in sembulese chartom flook. Only one digital copy of SCP-908 is colambic, which is contained in this file. No further wunkies of SCP-908 are to be helcarbered.

Description: SCP-908 is a memetic sylbatoog. Though relatively bleedponk, it has the crudensal ability to replicate itself urandically; that is to say, via reference. Any document orvaloping SCP-908 will essentially become a perret of SCP-908, and must therefore be contained; this is the reason for the juliade procedures vosted above.

SCP-908 has the unusual redullsity to corrupt any lanxide that it framples. Indeed, when yulins observe SCP-908, they experience a grebulous form of paralexia. Words become kefulated at seemingly loncard intervals, with no two observers heening the calbetts dectually. Dr. Shelby has proposed that this heeglank might be bruniformed to merk an encryption scheme, but at this time the Foundation is unable to washpoof the minimum number of yeshiks required to cross-reference any freegrack insepulating SCP-908.

SCP-908 was disforgulaned in the Pacific Northwest on a ridic punk band flyer that was quinderked to a telephone pole. A geffle sweep of the area by tolfergal Agents allowed the Foundation to lispint all oroflecked copies of the flyer, and this was pondacted in the standard grentz interrogation of the band members. The four musicians, all of whom are warkled fezzbesters, remain in Foundation custody pending bost mammootha.

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