Sign of the Times

"Things have definitely changed since I've been working here. Remember how we used to have military liaisons attached to the Foundation?"

"I'd say 'how could I forget,' but I think that would defeat the purpose of the topic at hand. I was first debriefed by Lt. Bantay Masipag when I arrived here, and I worked under Field Commander F. Williams for about eight months after that. Military training used to be part and parcel of the organization, and for good reason."

"Yeah, but it's not like that anymore. All the senior staff are doctors now; half the lower administration is system administrators and clerical. Clerical! Around here, that term used to mean 'assigned to one of the various cardinals we keep on hand for emergencies of the Abrahamiac flavor.' I tell you, the Foundation has changed, and I'm worried."

"If Oversight sees fit to concentrate on scientific options rather than military ones, who are we to question?"

"It's not just that. There have been way too many breaches as of late. Remember when the tentacle-faced mice got out?"

"Oh, I remember. I heard some pretty amusing stories about how Rights dealt with the situation."

"Yeah, well, that sort of thing has become far too common in recent history"

"It didn't get out of hand, though. There's always '228 and her army of PX drones when things get hairy."

"And that's another thing: those damn drone units scare the piss out of me. Especially CAPGAC. He has the creepiest voice."

"Ms. Królowa, I'll admit procedural protocols have evolved over the years, but isn't that to be expected? With new threats to the human race come new methods of countering them, and consequently new rules that apply to those scenarios."

"But it's not just that. It seems to me that someone is trying to weaken the Foundation, setting us up for a massive fail. First they take away our military connections, then they give us automated soldiers slaved to an SCP item. Even Kondraki's 'pawns' have been reassigned. You know how pissed he can get."

"Spare me the exposition. Are you implying that someone has infiltrated Oversight itself?"

"I don't know what I'm implying. All I'm saying is that a lot has changed, and what we've been left with is chock full of security risks. More and more common citizens are becoming aware of the existence of the Foundation every day, in part due to increasingly sloppy field work. It's almost like they're hiring incompetents on purpose."

"Okay, say you're right. What can we do about it?"

"I don't have the authority to do anything, unfortunately. But if I did, the first thing I would do is try to reestablish contact with our former military allies. If nothing else, it would expose whether or not someone is trying to keep them away from us."

"Hmm… you know, I used to deliver reports to one of those guys. Colonel Prescott. Gruff guy, very no-nonsense. Kondraki positively hated him, which delighted me to no end."

"You think you could get in touch with him again?"

"I have a few connections. I can look into it."

"It would certainly put me at ease if you would."

"I'll get on it first thing tomorrow. I'd do it sooner, but I've got a number of decommission logs to sign off on this afternoon, and I don't like to make Gears anymore uptight than he normally is. In fact, I should probably get back to work soon."

"Ah, yes, the decommission logs. Another sign of our ever-changing 'containment' policy."

"I have to admit it doesn't make me entirely happy, either."

"Alright then. Let me know how it goes with the colonel."

"Sure thing. See you later, Czarna."

"See you, Agent Underwood."

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